Fragolino Mellis

Mellis al Summer Fancy Food Show

Grazie alla vincita del bando del Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali Mellis sarà presente a New York al Summer Fancy Food Show il 29/06/2014.
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Mellis al Summer Fancy Food Show

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On the slopes of the mountains Alburnums, Campanian Apennines, in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano,the creator and owner of the farm is Enrico Foti, a young entrepreneur, who has realized his teenage dream to preserve the land, the traditions and local recipes.Enrico It has not been easy to realize this project which has required enormous sacrifices, but its starting point was that we don’t have to abandon our land and move to the north, as all the younger generation have done and continue to do, but we have to invent a job to enhance and develop our territory in the south, which has enormous potentialities.

After his qualification as an agricultural expert, Enrico Foti have had the possibility of realizing his dreams. The first step was to show the project to his family, which was initially hesitant, but now it supports him with great determination, in particular his mother, the tramandataria of recipes and an essential collaborator for the work in the factory.

The general idea was to create a quality product, so from here, in 2002, Enrico Foti has thought of managing the family’s farm and making it multifunctional, devoting himself essentially to the production and the harvesting of wild strawberries which are used for the liquor and beekeeping.
The process adopts traditional methods and requires great efforts and much time, but eventually the result is an excellent product, tasty on the palate, that fascinates and captures anyone who tastes it.

le oliveingresso del laboratoriole apirussi fragolinobomboniera mellissecchiello del ghiaccio