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Mellis al Summer Fancy Food Show

Grazie alla vincita del bando del Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali Mellis sarà presente a New York al Summer Fancy Food Show il 29/06/2014.
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Mellis al Summer Fancy Food Show

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Strawberry Liquor

How it is cultivated

The high quality features of the strawberry liquor have to be attributed to the quality of the raw material: the wild strawberries, all homemade. They areraccolta 5planted in a soil with special geo / morphological features: soft, moist, rich in nitrogen and in the shade.

The cultivation is carried out using traditional methods: it starts with the selection of plots of land by experimental cultivation of strawberries, once discharged the right consistency of the land, we proceed with the natural stone clearance and the sowing of broad bean. This takes nitrogen from the atmosphere and deposits it near the roots. Once grown, broad bean is ground into the soil on which then strawberries are planted. This process, the so-called “green manure legumes,” is a natural way to provide plants with nitrogen, an organic component, which make the ground softer.

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In the rocky lands and less suitable for the cultivation, strawberry seedlings are placed in the pots with soil treated with green manure and always raised with natural materials
(wood, stone, …)



Infusion made from finely selected fresh strawberries of own production, the result of a process exquisitely crafted. Its natural taste is for the palate genuine and delicious as the pleasures of the good things of the past.

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The strawberry liquor can be poured over ice cream, or used for the preparation of strawberry sorbet. Excellent as an aperitif mixed with prosecco.

cuore prosecco